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Bad image For Girls?


In Disney’s film “The Little Mermaid“, Ariel longs to be on land, and when she sees Prince Eric. His ship hits a storm and he gets knocked out and would have drowned without her help. So she saves him and sings him awake. He wakes, kind of sees her and decides he has to find the girl who saved him and marry her. Now, Ariel,  not knowing anything about him really, she decided that she has to be with him. So, she meets Ursula, the sea witch, and asks Ursula to help her. Ursula offers her a deal: “I give you legs, and you get three days to get dear old princey to fall in love with you and get him to kiss you. If you don’t get him to before the suns sets on the third day, you turn back into a mermaid and I own you. All I want is your voice as payment.”

Now at that point, I’d be thinking, “Uh, hell no. I’ll find some other way. I’m not giving a piece of me for some guy I barely know and there’s no guarantee that it’ll work.” But Ariel doesn’t think like me obviously. Because she takes the deal, get’s her legs, and gives up her voice. No more talking, singing. Zip. She get’s on land, and by chance, Eric finds her, thanks to his dog Max. But since she can’t talk and he knows that the girl who saved him was singing, he figures it can’t be her. So he just decides to help her anyway. and for three days, Scuttle and Sebastian are trying to help her and to no avail, and during the second night, Ursula sees that Ariel is getting close so she disguises herself as a human named Vanessa, hypnotizes Eric, and gets him to marry her. Ariel’s heart broken. But Scuttle finds out it’s Ursula in disguise and tells Ariel, Sebastian and Flounder. Scuttle and other sea creatures stall the wedding and Ariel get’s there just in time for Ursula’s necklace, containing Ariel’s voice to break and Ariel gets her voice back and Eric’s hypnotism is broken and he realizes she’s “the one” and goes to kiss but the sun sets before he can and she goes mermaid. Long story short, Ariel and Eric kill Ursula, Triton, Ariel’s dad, realizes she does love Eric, and turns her into a human. Ariel gets what she wanted.

Now I get a couple things from this. One: change everything for a guy you want but hardly know. That’s a terrible message to send to girls. Ariel gave up everything for Eric when there was no guarantee that she’d get the prince.

Second: Disobey your parents. Don’t worry, you’ll get what you want in the end. Triton forbade her to go to the surface and she disobeyed him and when he finds out,instead of punishing her like a parent should, he gives her what she wanted. Talk about spoiling your kids.

Thirdly: How do we know that they had true love? I mean, he didn’t get to kiss her before the sun set. I mean, love, sure. But true love? I don’t know. And you have to think there’d be a lot of issues in that relationship, seeing as she grew up in the sea and is probably vegetarian and won’t eat seafood. And Eric’s kingdom obviously must rely mostly on  seafood. Meaning Eric probably grew up on a steady diet of Ariel’s friends. Hhmmm. Probably not the best match in my opinion.

Was Cinderella such a good idea for Disney?


My first point is this: Is Prince Charming an idiot or what? I mean, okay, you didn’t get her name, but you were dancing with her for most of the night. Okay, you’re a guy so you may have been looking at her chest half the time, but you had to know what her face looked like, right? Apparently not. So, not remembering anything else about poor Cinderella, other than the fact that she’s a good dancer and she lost a size 4 1/2 (This is stated that it’s this size in “Cinderella: A Twist In Time“, a completely unneeded sequel in my opinion…) glass high heel, you start searching for her by having every girl in the kingdom try it on…. Geez this guy is dumb. And he’s going to be king someday. Yikes.

My second point is: Does anyone know the original story? In the original story, Cinderella isn’t so innocent. Her father was a widower, and had already remarried, to a woman who was perfectly fine. Not evil at all. Just didn’t show Cindy any special treatment. Just treated her as a normal daughter. But Cinderella had a governess who wanted to marry Cindy’s dad. So she told Cinderella that if she got rid of her stepmother and got her father to marry her instead, that she would lavish her. Cinderella agreed willingly and slammed a chest on her stepmothers neck. Shortly after, her governess married her father and brought with her, SEVEN daughters who she lavished with affection and spoiled. And when Cinderella’s father died, they started treating her like a slave and from there you can follow the rest of the story. Cinderella wasn’t as innocent as she seemed.

Thirdly and lastly: Why did Disney draw her so unrealistically? I mean, yeah, Snow White was small. But She was actually drawn a little chubbier. Snow in the merchandise is skinny of course, But in the film itself, she actually looks like a slightly chubby fourteen year old, like she’s supposed to be. But Cinderella started the trend of drawing the super skinny waists on the Disney girls. And in all honesty, what little size she has, I wouldn’t be surprised if under her clothes, she was at least two sizes smaller. Cinderella started the habit Disney has with their female characters and it didn’t stop until their fairly recent film “Brave“, with the introduction of Princess Merida with her size 6-8 waist and slightly chubby face. She is still very small, but she’s bigger than the usual size 4-2 that Disney Princesses usually are. I just hope their upcoming film “Moana” will be a little bigger around the waist because looking at “Lilo and Stitch“, people of Polynesian decent tend to be chubby, and Moana, of course, has already been revealed to be Polynesian. Hopefully Disney is coming out of it’s size two Dark Ages with “Moana“, but I blame “Cinderella” for starting the trend.

Chernabog: Scariest. Villian. Ever. Just why????


This ending to “Fantasia” (or near the end, I don’t recall) sequence is probably the most disturbing and creepy thing I had ever seen when I was a kid. As far as I know, this was depicting Hell, and Chernabog (the creature you see smiling up there) was a sort of Satan character. He summoned all these spirits to his lair, and then proceeded to toy with them. One sequence I remember most vividly is when he picks up a bunch of people, turns them into dancing ladies, then into hideous demons, and then THROWS THEM INTO LAVA. It’s pretty fucking scary and I was pretty young when I first saw it.

While I’m game for any hellish reference, Disney is the only place where I think you SHOULD NOT DO THIS! Are they trying to scar kids for life. After seeing this the first time, I just skip this sequence every time I watch “Fantasia“. This is by far, one of the most screwed up things Disney has come up with.

Why Was This Even Aloud???


One of my favorite Disney movies as kid was “Tarzan“. I had a little crush on Tarzan’s character as kid. I used to know all of the songs by heart and would sing them constantly and rewatch this all the time. But there’s one thing I didn’t notice until I rewatched it for the first time again when I was 16. They showed this silhouette of Clayton when the lightning flashed, of his body hanging from the vines, having apparently hung himself.

It’s one thing for you to have your character die that way in a Disney movie. It’s quite another to show the silhouette of the lifeless body hanging from the vines. I’m guessing they must not have thought it was a big deal. And I guess for many teenagers enjoying these movies again, it’s not either. But I was watching this with my cousin when I noticed this. My six year old cousin. And she noticed before me, and started crying. And asked me why he was just hanging there. I didn’t know what to say because 1) I hadn’t ever noticed this before and 2) I didn’t understand why Disney would put this in a kids movie. I understand he had to die. The way they wrote the character, there was no getting out of it. Hell, when I was my cousins age I knew at the beginning of the movie that he was going to die. I kind of wanted him to die. But to put such a dark ending and make it semi visible to where my little cousin could notice. Just wow.