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Meridas Makeover

Disney announced plans to unveil Brave’s Merida as its 11th official princess on May 11, but not before giving her a controversial makeover. The new Merida no longer had her infamous red frizzy hair and fuller shape. Instead, she was given thick eyelashes over wide, blue eyes, an hourglass shape, and smooth curls. Critics slammed Disney for the makeover (including the creator and co-director of “Brave,” Brenda Chapman, who based Merida on her own daughter, Emma), and a petition to keep Merida the way she was has garnered nearly 200,000 signatures. While some media sources say Disney has decided to pull the redesigned version, there is no official word as of yet.


Merida looks as perplexed by her remodel as we do.


See, if she had looked like this originally, no one would have cared. But this is such a stark contrast from her original look that it’s just ridiculous. Her remodeled dress more resembles the dress her mother forced her into, and that dress is not Merida. She doesn’t even have her bow for Christ sake!


While the remodel in itself isn’t necessarily a bad look, because it’s not even close enough for my taste to be Merida.

I pretty much hate the remodel. It doesn’t look right. She looks like a freaking alien. Blech. To pale. The curls are to smooth, and her eyes are to big. And she’s to skinny.


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