Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Subliminal Messaging

Disney has a track record of slipping bizarre messages into their films, mostly in the form of hidden images, but also sometimes through sound. For those who don’t know, subliminal messaging refers to images or sounds that pass by so fast that only your subconscious picks them up.
     The most notable case was announced by Disney itself on a home video copy of “The Rescuers”; as two mice ride in a sardine tin, a photograph of a topless woman can be seen in a window for several frames. Disney were quick to lay the blame on editors for planting the image as a joke (of course), and recalled all copies of the film.
But “The Rescuers” wasn’t the only Disney film to show this kind of thing….

maxresdefault “Pinocchio”:
A young boy, whose wooden nose grows as he lies. Nice wood Pinocchio…

This may just be dumb fans seeing this but, who knows? It DOES look like it..

wfrfwf “The Lion King”:

Even I saw this as a kid. I wasn’t completely stupid.

The_Lion_King_Hidden_Message“The Lion King”:

I didn’t see this until I saw this pointed out in an article and rewatched it. Oh, boy, is it there.

resize“The Little Mermaid”:
I actually have one of the original copies with this on it. It’s there. And the thing is, I’m not bothered. Who cares?

dsgfdfgh  “The Little Mermaid”:

I actually did see this. The thing is… it’s not what we think. If you slowed the scene down, you see, it’s not that the priest is a little to excited. He’s got old buckley knees.

imagesWQ7MH1VY “Cinderella”:

I definitely saw this and I was actually appalled by this one.

Disney seems to slip stuff into their movies a lot. They’ve either got some weird senses of humor, or just a little to much time on their hands.


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