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Importance of Social Status in Disney Fairy Tales


Disney heroes and villains are almost always high in the social hierarchy when compared to others. The plot structure of “Cinderella” revolves around a woman who manages to escape her terrible living conditions simply by marrying a wealthy man.  Her success is down to her attractiveness in comparison to her hideous stepsisters. This sense of entitlement amongst central characters is consistent in almost every Disney film.

So-called “Prince Charming” characters are so valued for their wealth and power that they can get away with basically anything. Imagine a reversal of the roles: replace Prince Phillip from “Sleeping Beauty” with Philoctetes, a minor socially-inferior character from “Hercules”.  I wager most women would wake up to a kiss from Philoctetes screaming “Rape!” at the top of their voices, rather than “Let’s get married!”

Like in my last post, “Nice job Disney.”


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