Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Ugliness is Immoral

In almost every Disney movie the primary antagonist is portrayed as physically unattractive, encouraging children to associate this character trait with evil.
      Female characters are particularly subjected to this treatment, all having at least one of the “Big Three” of Disney villain characteristics: being fat (Ursula in “The Little Mermaid”), old (The Old Woman in “Snow White”) or hideously ugly (The Ugly Stepsisters in “Cinderella”).
      The bottom line is that Disney openly preaches that attractiveness is synonymous with both morality and happiness. Disney villains are often portrayed as insecure about their appearance, which then causes them to take it out on younger, slimmer, better-looking characters.
      For example the villain of “Snow White” is obsessed with being the “fairest of them all”, and the ugly stepsisters bully and abuse innocent beautiful Cinderella.
      The only time I’ve seen Disney give a “ugly” character a leading good role, was in “Hunchback of Notre Dame” with Quasimodo, but he still didn’t get the girl in the movie. Phoebus did.
      Again, nice morals Disney.

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