Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Beauty is Moral

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The film “Beauty and the Beast” works on the pretense of  “looks don’t matter”. However a closer look at the plot structure reveals this as a false front.  In the climax of the film the beast transforms back into a handsome human form, thus allowing him to live happily ever after with the equally attractive Belle.

This totally contradicts the film’s supposed message of “looks don’t matter”, because if that were true, why is the transformation needed? “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” also does this with the main character being physically deformed. However, the message is again twisted when a new handsome character in the form of Captain Phoebus is introduced to marry Esmeralda instead of the protagonist, who of course is not worthy of her because of his ugliness.

Maybe, Beast should have stayed a beast, and Esmeralda should have married the Hunchback of Notre Dame. They would have helped each films point of “looks don’t matter”.

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