Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Satanic Imagery

Although perhaps something of a controversial entry, visible evidence exists which suggests Disney uses subtle themes of Satanism in their films.
      For example,
       1) The beast of “Beauty and the Beast” is portrayed as a horned creature with fangs, resembling a traditional image of Lucifer.
       2) Philoctetes in “Hercules” is also displayed in this form, with horns and cloven-feet.
       3) Chernabog in Fantasia, by far the most noticeable of the demonic figures in Disney movies.
       4) The most bizarre, albeit most controversial case is perhaps in Disney’s adaptation of “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.
     It has been argued that eight-year-old Lucy’s meeting with Mr. Tumnus involves a subtle theme of pedophilia: the stranger (incidentally portrayed with goat legs and horns) persuades Lucy to visit his home before putting her to sleep by playing lullabies on his flute. The next thing we know, Lucy wakes to find Mr. Tumnus crying and saying that he has “done something very bad”: in the context of the story Tumnus betrayed Lucy to the White Witch. Despite the evidence of a darker theme, many critics of the theory have suggested the sequence simply represents the consequences of children trusting strangers.
    Why is Disney putting all of this in their films?  I don’t know, but it’s honestly worrisome that they do this.

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