Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Everything is Fluffy

Now many would feel inclined to offer Disney some leniency here, given that it is targeting children with its films, but many others would condemn them for sugar-coating themes of death and deceit with fluffy singing animals and perfect happy endings.
     Take “The Lion King” – a film based on William Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet”.
     Disney altered the original ending of the play, in which many of the central characters die, and replaced it with a perfect triumph of good over evil, firmly rendering the plot meaningless and holding up a giant middle finger to Shakespeare in the process.
     However “Hamlet” isn’t the only literary masterpiece Disney have butchered on screen. Take the plot structure of Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Little Mermaid” and you will find another drastically altered ending. In the original, Ariel does not marry the prince and is forced to kill him to regain her mermaid tail, but she cannot perform the deed and instead dies sadly.
    I guess you can condone Disney changing such horrible endings into better stories for kids, but why make them at all if they were so bad?

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