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Elsa Isn’t the Only Princess with Super Powers

I argue that Elsa and Rapunzel prove that only blonde princesses in the unified Disney verse develop superpowers.

Now a new idea is contradicting that theory by suggesting that a certain other Disney princess has superpowers too.

Because Frozen‘s Anna has super-strength.


Before we explore this theory, let’s look at the evidence:

First, she accidentally throws a stone statue bust clear across the room.

This is one Disney princess who doesn't know her own strength.

She also throws a sack of hiking axes and carrots at Kristoff like it was nothing.

That's got to hurt.

She sends a wolf flying, armed with only a lute…

Don't mess with a princess in love.

…before pulling Kristoff up a cliff.

Clearly there was plenty of time to work-out while locked in the castle.

She kicks Olaf’s head high in the air in a single swing.

Imagine kicking a snowball that size. It would be heavy.

She then knocks Marshmallow out with a tree

Anna Tree

…and cuts through a rope strong enough to hold two people with a single swipe of a small knife.

'Always carry a knife' is the Disney princesses' motto.

And of course…

She punches a man so hard he flies through the air.

That is one hell of a right.

So what does this mean?

We all knew Anna was a Disney princess not to be messed with but can these really be the actions of a regular human girl?

What if the King and Queen were so busy keeping Elsa’s powers under wraps they didn’t notice they had a Norway’s Incredible Hulk on their hands? In their rush to keep Elsa’s powers hidden from the kingdom they inadvertently kept Anna’s a secret too. Only when the castle gates are opened are the two princesses’ powers finally unleashed on the rest of Arendelle.

The other question is whether Anna’s powers mean it’s not only the blonde princesses of the Disney universe who can develop powers? Was Anna born with this strength or does Elsa give Anna a touch of her magic when she accidentally freezes her as a child?

And if the gates have indeed been opened for non-blonde Disney princesses…

What other Princesses might have powers?



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