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Disney Love Triangle: John Smith, Pocahontas, and John Rolfe

According to History, and Disney Canon, Pocahontas ends up with John Rolfe. But many fans continue to put John Smith and Pocahontas together and ignore the second film all together. Personally, I’m an all-the-way John Rolfe Girl. I like the fact that it is historically accurate. And I also like that it’s realistic. I mean, who really stays with their first love anyway? And John Rolfe, instead of telling Pocahontas what to do about their situation like John Smith was doing, John Rolfe asks her what she wants to do. Plus, John Rolfe’s cute . Sue me. But why is it that people don’t accept the canon? Is it because most people don’t like sequels? Or because John Rolfe isn’t as appealing? Or is it because a lot of people haven’t even seen the sequel? I’m not totally sure. Personally, I’ve formed the opinion that people ignore it because they think that it’s unfair to John Smith that Pocahontas grew up and fell in love again. She thought he was dead still by the time she was falling for John Rolfe. That much is obvious by the ball scene were John Rolfe and Pocahontas are dancing. They almost kissed, for Christs sake, and would have, had they not been interrupted. I have no doubt in my mind that, had John Rolfe not been in the picture, Pocahontas would still have not chosen John Smith. They were both different by then. He wanted adventure, and glory. She, while still adventurous, had matured and grown, and realized she now had a duty to her people. John Smith wanted her to give that up, and sail with him. John Rolfe wanted nothing more than to be with her. He was willing to turn his back on his home in London, give up everything he had, and follow her to the New World.

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