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‘Frozen’ Might Have A Dark Secret That You Didn’t Notice

When it comes to “Frozen,” it’s hard to keep anything hidden. 

There’s an entire special about the making of the film, the cast has done a bajillion interviews and, c’mon, the whole movie is based on the fact that Elsa can’t hide her ice powers and sassy attitude.

Even with all that, it turns out “Frozen” may have a dark secret that Disney would probably rather conceal.

The Theory: Kristoff’s outfit is made out of reindeer skin (possibly from Sven’s mom).

Sounds like a pretty sweeping claim to make, but hear us out.

Reddit user Superclaude1 brought it to the world’s attention, that Kristoff’s outfit seems to be made of fur, and this would most likely be reindeer fur.

“In the context of the story, it all fits together,” superclaude1 wrote.

“The ice harvesters must have killed Sven’s mother, leaving a baby Sven for Kristoff to look after, and giving him the pelt to wear. This explains why Sven is so close to Kristoff too, and why Kristoff still wears the same pelt. The smell reminds Sven of his mum.”

The theory makes a fair bit of sense. In the film we learn why Sven is an orphan, and the reason he loves Kristoff so much.

Further evidence?

Kristoff is said to be part of the Scandinavian people known as the Sámi. These are Norway’s indigenous people and known for their reindeer herding.

According to Official Travel Guide of Norway, reindeer are “central to Sámi culture.” They rely on the animals for everything from meat to transportation and, yes, even fur.

Adding to the evidence, as Reddit points out, the pelt Kristoff appears to wear looks too big to be wolf, and parts of it seem oddly similar to Sven:

The user also points out that reindeer are attracted to scent – so did Kristoff dress himself in Sven’s mum’s coat to trick him into liking him so much?

We don’t know yet, but now that this theory is out there, and it’s hard to let it go.

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