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This Disturbing Disney Fan Theory Might Alter Your Childhood Memories Forever

Most of us rememeber The Emperor’s New Groove as a fun movie about a self-absorbed king who got turned into a llama.

But Reddit user lish_94 has made a rather morbid observation that’ll make you reconsider everything you once believed.

You might remember the scene where Llama Kuzco wanders into the scary forest and sees this fly being devoured by a spider and begins to plead for its life.

The cries go unanswered, and it is eventually eaten by a vicious arachnid while still yelling, “HELP ME! HELP ME!”

This scene was clearly a reference to a 1958 sci-fi horror film called The Fly. But lish_94 claims it could mean so much more…

Because in the film, the only animals that can speak are the ones that used to be humans.

Take Kuzco: He can’t talk to other animals but can talk to humans.

Or Yzma in cat form, who also can talk to only humans.

But the squirrels in the film can only speak in squeaks. They don’t speak words like humans.

So it follows that the fly from the forest who audibly says, “Help me!” must have once been human.

Which also means a real human person just got murdered in front of our eyes.

Damn, Disney! You’re slipping some deep, dark stuff into your films! Childhood memories now forever altered!

Or we’re all reading way too much into this. Either one.

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