Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

20 Uncomfortably Disney Moments That Might Be Sexually Suggestive

Were these on purpose or are we all just perverts?

Check out these 20 disney moments that might be sexually suggestive.

1. Based on Shang’s behavior, pretty sure this is a pick-up line.

2. Some mind-searing implications to that boast.

3. Damn Elastigirl, get it.


4. Well that’s a damn shame.

5. Look there’s scientifically no way to say “quiver” without sounding dirty.

6. Merry Christmas!

7. Pac-Man likes his ladies inexperienced.

8. Hey lady, no means no.

9. Disney needs to work on aging up characters before having them say shit like this.

10. Pegasus is inspecting the goods.

11. Lumiere is lucky candelabra can’t get syphilis.

12. Should…should we be seeing this?

13. This feels like a trick question.

14. And this is definitely a trap. Nice try, Chris Hansen.

15. RUDE.

16. Mulan is 800% done with Mushu’s bullshit.

17. Yzma no.

18. Literally just realized Hades is Megara’s pimp.

19. And that Mole was trying to proposition* Kida.

20. Awkward. Shhhh. Just stop talking.

Errr..You know it.


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