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Top Ten Cutest Disney Kids

Disney has created some cute kids over the years, but here is a ranking of my Top Ten Cutest Disney Kids


Baby Mine, Dumbo

9. images2172DK3Z

The Princesses of New Orleans, Tiana and Lottie

8. images100VF4DN

Jack Jack Incredible

7. imagesGIY5VUM9

The Prince of The Jungle, Tarzan

6. imagesGYVPG829

The Daughters of Triton Alana, Arista, Aquata. Ariel, Adella, Attina and Andrina

5. hqdefault

Daughter of Land and Sea, Princess Melody

4. imagesXQI1TUEM

Best Friends Since Birth, Hercules and Pegasus

3. maxresdefault

The Lost Princess Rapunzel

2. imagesKLTMPY52

The Frozen Princesses Elsa and Anna

  1. untitled

The Curious and Brave, Princess Merida

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