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10 Disney Sidekicks That Totally Deserve Their Own Movies

We love the Disney princesses, but let’s face it, their adorbs, hilariously quirky, and fiercely loyal BFFs totally steal the show. Which is why they should totally be the stars of their own films! Here are 10 Disney sidekicks that totally deserve their own movies.

1. Olaf from Frozen

His inability to keep track of his carrot nose and his crazy absurd love for summer (we mean, a literal ball of ice who loves the heat? It’s adorably ridiculous) make this talking snowman one of the most hilariously goofy and endearing sidekicks there is! At the end of Frozen, Olaf got his own personal winter cloud to follow him around to keep him from melting, so if he were to get his own movie, the plot would obviously have to include some super baddie stealing his winter cloud and Olaf racing against the clock to get it back before he melts. We def don’t want this happening again:

2. Sebastian From The Little Mermaid

As King Triton’s loyal servant, the hilariously snooty crab was the voice of reason, dishing out some of the most quotable one-liners and singing some of our fave songs (“Under the Sea,” obvi!). Despite his tough front, Sebastian was a big ol’ softie at heart, who would always allow himself to be dragged on adventures to watch out for his besties. With the combo of his witty dialogue, addictive sing-alongs, and penchant for reluctantly getting entangled in crazy adventures, he could totes have his own movie, or two or three!

3. Russell & Dug from Up

Russel and his talking dog, Dug, might both be rentlessly annoying—but only in the BEST (and cutest) way possible! They both seem to walk into trouble wherever they go, providing plenty of plotlines for spin-off movies. Add Dug’s habit of saying every little thing on his mind and unconditionally love his masters (admit it: his tracking skills were awful-ly hilarious) along with his endless enthusiasm to Russel’s serious survival skills that he picked up in the Boy Scouts, and these two make the perf team! Who wouldn’t want to see Russel and his loyal companion on a mission to save the day?!?

4. Pascal from Tangled

Pascal might be a tiny little chameleon, but he’s a force to be reckoned with! He was the ultimate bestie, playing games with Rapunzel, giving her fashion advice (even if it meant trying on pretty, pink dresses for her), and most importantly, protecting her from bad boys like Flynn Rider. Don’t let his size and adorable squeeking fool you—this chameleon was always ready to step in to defend his girl, like a true Disney hero. The fact that he was the cutest thing ever while doing it only made him even more loveable! We’d love to see Pascal on an adventure to save the day, using his awesome camoflauge skills (and his hilarious intimidation tactics).

5. Mushu & Cri-Kee from Mulan

Mushu and Cri-kee from Mulan couldn’t be any more different. Mushu is a dragon. Cri-kee is a cricket. Mushu is selfish and petty. Cri-kee is selfless and loyal. Mushu is dramatic. Cri-kee is… not. With such different personalities, it’s not surprising that Mulan’s little sidekicks sometimes didn’t get along. But their bickering was always endlessly entertaining, and in the end, they always came together to help Mulan save China. Now, can we get a movie where Mushu and Cri-kee have to team up to save the day by themselves? We can only imagine the hilarity that would come from seeing Cri-kee trying to keep Mushu in line without the help of Mulan for once!

6. Ray from Princess and the Frog

This cajun firefly with a heart of gold won us over the moment he flew onto our screens, with his snaggletoothed smile, his oversized bum, and his hometown pride! Ray knew all there was to know about the New Orleans Bayou and he had a huge family of fireflies who always had his back, which is why he was the perfect sidekick to help Tiana and Prince Naveen find their way. But his most endearing quality was definitely his hopeless love and devotion to a faraway star he thought was a firefly named Evangeline. He selflessly gave his life to help save Tiana and a brand new star appeared next to Evangeline in the sky, setting the stage for the perfect spin-off story. If Ray and Evangeline’s love story isn’t the perfect basis for a prequel, we don’t know what is!

7. The Seven Dwarfs from Snow White

It’s hard to believe how little Snow White’s seven dwarfs had in common. We mean, Happy was constantly happy, which must have gotten on Grumpy’s nerves (let’s not even get into Sneezy’s sneezing). Despite their differences, they did have one thing in common—they loved Snow White, and they would never have been able to help save the day without one another! The dwarfs spent their time digging for diamonds before Snow White came along, which would be the perf jumping off point for their own movie. Just imagine the dwarfs uncovering a magical stone that brings the Evil Queen back to life and then they have to work together to stop her again! Their biggest challenge? Definitely trying to keep Sleepy awake long enough to complete their mission!

8. Genie from Aladdin

Genie spent an eternity held captive in a tiny little lamp and was only let out so he could grant whoever rubbed the lamp a few wishes (and Genie wasn’t exactly small, which only made things worse). Not a great deal if you ask us! But despite his raw deal in life, he still found a way to always be happy, and he was the most generous, hilarious, and devoted friend to Aladdin (not to mention his celebrity impressions were always spot on). Aladdin eventually DID set Genie free at the end of the movie, leaving us wondering what happened next with our fave big blue bestie. So obviously, we need a movie about what happens to Genie now that his life is no longer defined by everyone else’s wishes. It’d be like the Disney version of a coming of age film. It would def bring the tears!

9. Thumper from Bambi

With his cuddly ears and his humongous bunny feet, Thumper won our hearts from the very start. Add his unbelievable ability to stick his foot in his mouth whenever his mother was in earshot, and you’ve got one of the cutest sidekicks EVER! Every time Thumper was caught misbehaving, his mother would make him recite a lesson his father had taught him, and since he was a mischievous little bunny, he had tons of awesome life lessons to teach us in the most adorable way possible, like: “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all!” Let’s face it, Thumper’s relationship with his dad must have been challenging. That’s why we def need a movie following Thumper as he tries to win the approval of his strict father—only to find out he was proud of him all along, of course!

10. Chip from Beauty and the Beast

Chip Potts is universally acknowledged as the cutest talking tea cup in the world—okay, he’s kind of the only one, but still, that little handle nose just gives us the feels! Chip may not have had legs or arms, but he never let that stop him from joining in on an adventure or helping his friends when they needed him. He’d make the perfect Beauty and the Beast prequel hero, because he must have gone on an adventure at some point in search of how to become a boy again (you know, Pinocchio style). Watching this adorable tea cup hopping around is already cute enough—throw in an amazing finding-your-true-self adventure plot, and you’ve got Disney’s next hit film!

Did your fave Disney sidekick make the list? Which Disney characters would you like to see get their own movie? Sound off in the comments below!


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5 Rejected Princess That Were Way to Bad Ass For Disney

As much as we love Disney princesses, we can’t deny that the pool of official princesses is lacking when it comes to diversity, whether it’s their skin color or their story—which is why talented artists have reimagined their fave princesses as everything, from modern-day high school students to different ethnicities.

The most recent reimagining comes from former Dreamworks artist, Jason Porath, who had a list of historically awesome real women that he thought deserved the Disney princess treatment, but realized were probably too off-beat to ever make the official lineup.

So he decided to put his sick artistic skillz to good use, starting, where he introduces the world to a new princess every week, who is based on a real-life power girl from history and is just too badass to get her own Disney movie.

Here are five of our fave “rejected princesses”:

Noor Inayat Khan: The Spy Princess (1914-1944)

Prior to World War II, Noor was a quiet, passive girl, spending most of her time writing poetry, music, and children’s books. But when the Nazis invaded Paris during WWII, she became a British secret agent working as the only radio operator in occupied Paris, which was a dangerous job in those times, with an average lifespan of just six weeks! Noor lasted 5 months before she was caught and executed for being a spy.

Ida B. Wells: Princess of the Press (1862-1931)

Ida was a famed African American journalist known for her brave anti-lynching stories in the 1800s. She also refused to give up her seat on the train for a white passenger 71 years before Rosa Parks did in 1955!

Hypatia of Alexandria (350-415 CE)


Hypatia was the first female mathematician in recorded history, who was also an expert astronomer, philosopher, physicist, and overachiever. She was eventually killed because her political influence in Alexandria had become too strong.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya: the Tank Princess (1905-1944)

Sergeant Mariya Oktyabrskaya was the first female tanker to ever win the Hero of the Soviet Union award for heroically fighting during World War II with the army tank she bought (and maintained) all by herself. Its name was Fighting Girlfriend (can you even think of a better Disney sidekick???).

Hatshepsut: the Unforgotten Princess (1508-1458 BCE)

Hatshepsut is arguably the greatest Pharoah in history. She reigned over Egypt for 20 years, cultivating amazing architecture, statues, and art.

We don’t know about you, but we could totally see all of these amazing women making awesome Disney princesses! We think Jason Porath is onto something good and hopefully Disney will catch on!

What do you think of the rejected princesses? Are there any historically awesome women you think would make great Disney princesses? Sound off in the comments below!


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9 Controversial Disney Princesses

Sofia The First




Snow White




In the midst of 2006’s princess explosion, Peggy Orenstein published the widely circulated, “What’s Wrong With Cinderella?” in the New York Times. Her answer? A lot. Princesses—most notably, Disney’s most quintessential princess, Cinderella—were teaching little girls to conform to stereotypes, and sending messages “perilous” to their “mental and physical health.”



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Did Jasmine Have an Authority Complex?

We all know that Jasmine liked to break the mold. An age old tradition of marrying for the good of the country is thrown out the window so that she can marry her true love. But I have to question why she falls in love with Aladdin. Sure, they both feel trapped in their current life situations and he saves her from getting her hand cut off, but is that the foundation of a long lasting romance? Eh…maybe. You can play the ‘they are meant to be’ card but that is the easy way out. I think one of the reasons Jasmine loves Aladdin has more to do with his station in life that she realizes.

Let’s look at the way Jasmine responds to authority. First, she consistently goes against her father’s wishes. I know he doesn’t seem to make the best choices, but I don’t remember her doing what he says once in the movie. Whether we think they are wrong or not, she does everything in her power to screw up the various courtships arranged by her dad and even chooses to run away instead of trying to make it work. I know it’s difficult, but look at it from the implications to the kingdom, not from the lens of America today. Her choices affect way more than just herself. And then there is Aladdin. When he is a street rat, she falls for him immediately but the minute he shows up as a Prince she won’t give him the time of day. Sure he is being a bit arrogant, but is it that or is his title getting in the way? I mean, she won’t even have a conversation with him until he offers, ‘You’re right.’ ceding the floor to her. Could it be that Jasmine chooses Aladdin as a way to both assert her independence from her father, as well as, create a situation in which she would be the one who would forever be in position of authority in the relationship?  Could it be that she didn’t finish her thought when she was talking to her dad in the opening palace scene of the film? Instead of just saying ‘Well, then maybe I don’t want to be a princess…’ maybe she wanted to also add…’maybe I want to be Sultan!’ That truly would have been a whole new world.


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