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Was Cinderella such a good idea for Disney?


My first point is this: Is Prince Charming an idiot or what? I mean, okay, you didn’t get her name, but you were dancing with her for most of the night. Okay, you’re a guy so you may have been looking at her chest half the time, but you had to know what her face looked like, right? Apparently not. So, not remembering anything else about poor Cinderella, other than the fact that she’s a good dancer and she lost a size 4 1/2 (This is stated that it’s this size in “Cinderella: A Twist In Time“, a completely unneeded sequel in my opinion…) glass high heel, you start searching for her by having every girl in the kingdom try it on…. Geez this guy is dumb. And he’s going to be king someday. Yikes.

My second point is: Does anyone know the original story? In the original story, Cinderella isn’t so innocent. Her father was a widower, and had already remarried, to a woman who was perfectly fine. Not evil at all. Just didn’t show Cindy any special treatment. Just treated her as a normal daughter. But Cinderella had a governess who wanted to marry Cindy’s dad. So she told Cinderella that if she got rid of her stepmother and got her father to marry her instead, that she would lavish her. Cinderella agreed willingly and slammed a chest on her stepmothers neck. Shortly after, her governess married her father and brought with her, SEVEN daughters who she lavished with affection and spoiled. And when Cinderella’s father died, they started treating her like a slave and from there you can follow the rest of the story. Cinderella wasn’t as innocent as she seemed.

Thirdly and lastly: Why did Disney draw her so unrealistically? I mean, yeah, Snow White was small. But She was actually drawn a little chubbier. Snow in the merchandise is skinny of course, But in the film itself, she actually looks like a slightly chubby fourteen year old, like she’s supposed to be. But Cinderella started the trend of drawing the super skinny waists on the Disney girls. And in all honesty, what little size she has, I wouldn’t be surprised if under her clothes, she was at least two sizes smaller. Cinderella started the habit Disney has with their female characters and it didn’t stop until their fairly recent film “Brave“, with the introduction of Princess Merida with her size 6-8 waist and slightly chubby face. She is still very small, but she’s bigger than the usual size 4-2 that Disney Princesses usually are. I just hope their upcoming film “Moana” will be a little bigger around the waist because looking at “Lilo and Stitch“, people of Polynesian decent tend to be chubby, and Moana, of course, has already been revealed to be Polynesian. Hopefully Disney is coming out of it’s size two Dark Ages with “Moana“, but I blame “Cinderella” for starting the trend.