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This Star Wars Theory Is Brilliant, and Pretty Damn Bulletproof

When Disney announced that the follow-up to Star Wars: The Forec Awakens wouldn’t hit cinemas until December 15th 2017, we didn’t quite know how to feel.

Because that’s almost two years, and that’s bad. Our toy lightsabers will have probably run out of battery by then. But it also gives us plenty of time to digest some dense, mind-bending fan theories before we step into the theatre – and that’s not so bad.

Especially when the concepts are as imaginative and bulletproof as this epic effort by Imgur user LethalHobo, who’s got some big ideas about Rey and her ultimate role in the saga.

It’s a long one, so neck a few energy drinks before you start – it’s well worth it in the end.

a Dark side

So this Star Wars Saga is not the story of the Skywalkers. It is the story of the Chosen One, reborn, time, and time again, whenever the Force was shifted in its balanced.

To add to this theory, I have to say, I believe the Jedi were wrong in their belief that the Lght side must win. That the Light must be the dominant side of the Force. I believe this is untrue. I believe that in order for the Force to gain balance, it truly needs to be balanced. There is Light, and there is a Dark side to the Force, and to have balance, you need both. So whenever the Light becomes to strong, and the balance has shifted to far to the Light, I believe the Chosen One can be born to the Dark Side as well.



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