Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much



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Why Was This Even Aloud???


One of my favorite Disney movies as kid was “Tarzan“. I had a little crush on Tarzan’s character as kid. I used to know all of the songs by heart and would sing them constantly and rewatch this all the time. But there’s one thing I didn’t notice until I rewatched it for the first time again when I was 16. They showed this silhouette of Clayton when the lightning flashed, of his body hanging from the vines, having apparently hung himself.

It’s one thing for you to have your character die that way in a Disney movie. It’s quite another to show the silhouette of the lifeless body hanging from the vines. I’m guessing they must not have thought it was a big deal. And I guess for many teenagers enjoying these movies again, it’s not either. But I was watching this with my cousin when I noticed this. My six year old cousin. And she noticed before me, and started crying. And asked me why he was just hanging there. I didn’t know what to say because 1) I hadn’t ever noticed this before and 2) I didn’t understand why Disney would put this in a kids movie. I understand he had to die. The way they wrote the character, there was no getting out of it. Hell, when I was my cousins age I knew at the beginning of the movie that he was going to die. I kind of wanted him to die. But to put such a dark ending and make it semi visible to where my little cousin could notice. Just wow.