Questioning Everything Disney Little To Much

Harassment is Acceptable: If You’re Hot

A recurring theme for Disney princess films involves a beautiful woman being awakened by an unapproved kiss on the lips (though I guess this is slightly better than the rape found in the original Sleeping Beauty). Although it is arguable that some people wouldn’t mind being woken by the kiss of an impossibly handsome and wealthy prince, most women tend to reject this idea. In both “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty“, however, the women tend not to take the harassment too badly; in fact both characters marry these potential rapists after their respective rude awakenings.

But let’s say Philoctetes from “Hercules” kissed them they’d wake up screaming. Why? Florian and Philip were handsome. Obviously wealthy. Philoctetes is ugly by most standards and looks like he’s poor. Nice thought Disney.


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